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As a leading provider of professional education, UC San Diego Extension continually seeks highly qualified instructors with in-depth experience. We invite you to explore the courses and programs we offer. If you believe that you would be a good fit or have an idea for a new course, we encourage you to apply. The list below represents a partial and growing collection of the numerous opportunities we offer at UC San Diego Extension. This call for instructors will remain open indefinitely.

UC San Diego Extension operates on the quarter system. The process of instructor selection, approval, scheduling and hiring can take up to six months. An instructor's assignment to teach a course is contingent upon the University's academic approval of the course and the instructor.

For areas not listed below, please contact the academic department directly.

UC San Diego is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values a diverse workforce.

If you are currently or have been an instructor at Extension, please contact your department's Program Representative and let him or her know that you are interested in teaching for another area. Please do not complete another application.

If you have already created an account and would like to view or update a saved or submitted application, please log in to My Account.

TitleArea of Interest
Academic Connections: InstructorEducation
Accounting InstructorBusiness and Leadership
Acting InstructorArts and Humanities
American Sign Language InstructorLanguages
Applied Statistics InstructorData Analysis and Mathematics
Art History InstructorArts and Humanities
Art InstructorArts and Humanities
Behavioral Sciences InstructorHealthcare
Business Instructor for International ProgramsBusiness and Leadership
Business Management Instructor (In-Person)Business and Leadership
Business Management Instructor (Online)Business and Leadership
Case Management InstructorHealthcare
Children's Book Illustration InstructorArts and Humanities
Children's Book Writing InstructorWriting
Clinical Trials InstructorHealthcare
College Counseling InstructorEducation
Communications Engineering InstructorTechnology
Copyediting InstructorWriting
Creative Writing InstructorWriting
Digital Arts/Graphic/Web Design InstructorDigital Arts
Education InstructorEducation
Electrical Engineering InstructorTechnology
Embedded Engineering InstructorTechnology
Engineering InstructorTechnology
Environmental Science InstructorEnvironment and Sustainability
Facilities Management InstructorBusiness and Leadership
Finance InstructorBusiness and Leadership
Foreign Language InstructorLanguages
Fundraising and Development Instructor Business and Leadership
Global Environmental Leadership & Sustainability: Arizona InstructorEducation
Global Environmental Leadership & Sustainability: Catalina Island InstructorEducation
Global Environmental Leadership & Sustainability: Hawaii InstructorEducation
Global Environmental Leadership & Sustainability: Mexico InstructorEducation
Global Environmental Leadership & Sustainability: Washington, DC InstructorEducation
Healthcare InstructorHealthcare
Healthcare Leadership InstructorHealthcare
Human Resources InstructorBusiness and Leadership
Information Technology InstructorTechnology
Interior Design InstructorArts and Humanities
Leadership and Management InstructorBusiness and Leadership
Legal Studies Instructor (Paralegal and IP)Business and Leadership
Life Science InstructorSciences
Marketing InstructorBusiness and Leadership
Medical Coding InstructorHealthcare
Music InstructorArts and Humanities
Nursing InstructorHealthcare
Photography InstructorArts and Humanities
Pre-College Business Instructor (In-Person or Hybrid)Business and Leadership
Pre-College Computer Science Instructor (Online, In-Person, or Hybrid)Technology
Professional Development or In-Service InstructorEducation
Program Your Future: Instructor AideEducation
Programming Languages InstructorTechnology
Project Management InstructorBusiness and Leadership
Real Estate InstructorBusiness and Leadership
Regulatory Affairs InstructorSciences
Sally Ride Science Teacher EducationEducation
Sally Ride Science: Junior Academy InstructorEducation
Sally Ride Science: Junior Academy Instructor AideEducation
Sally Ride Science: Library NExT InstructorEducation
Sally Ride Science: Library NExT Instructor AideEducation
Science Writing InstructorWriting
Spanish/English Translation and Interpretation InstructorLanguages
Sustainable Business Practices InstructorEnvironment and Sustainability
Test Preparation: ACT/SAT InstructorPre-College
Test Preparation: ACT/SAT Instructor AidePre-College
Test Preparation: GMAT Instructor Pre-College
Test Preparation: GRE InstructorPre-College
Test Preparation: LSAT InstructorPre-College
Test Preparation: MCAT InstructorPre-College
University Based Induction MentorEducation
UX Design InstructorDigital Arts
Video Production/Editing InstructorDigital Arts
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